Thursday, May 13, 2010

It has been quite a while since my last post. Life has been really busy, and it has been difficult finding time, but I wanted to post a quick update on the last month.

I am now up to 18 peaks for the year and 14 trail runs. I have been experiencing some minor pain in my right ITB (knee) and I notice it on longer runs or hikes. I have been rolling it every night and it seems to be getting a little better, and I am really trying not to push it because I will be running in the Sapper Joe trail race on May 29th (30K 19.9 miles).

Here are the highlights from the last month:

4/15/10- Craig and I ran the Mt. Wire/Red Butte loop while the rest of the world slept. The views of the valley were impressive the whole way and it didn't start getting light until we were on our way down from Red Butte. It was a great day and my 4th time on top of Wire this year.

4/18/10- Kristina was working on a huge school project, so I took the kids and the dog on a hike to the summit of View Benchmark. We had a great day, and the kids had a lot of fun. Alec hiked the whole way on his own and didn't even complain, although he did ask me at least 100 times how much longer to the top. I will add a summit video later.

4/24/10- Matt Ricks and I set out on the Centerville Peak trailhead with the goal of climbing Centerville Peak. Neither of us had been there before, so we were a little surprised that the peak was just a little bump and that the real mountains were a few miles further east, so we decided to go for the ridge. We climbed an unnamed peak about 2 miles south of Bountiful Peak and it was a 9K ft peak, so it is kind of surprising that it doesn't have a name. Maybe it does, but it just isn't on the map I was looking at. It was 10 miles round trip with over 4K elevation gain and I ran 3/4 of the trail. I finished in 3:00. It was a lot of fun.

4/29/10- Craig and I ran the Pipeline trail after a huge storm had blown down several trees and limbs in Millcreek Canyon. We ran to Lookout Point and back (9+ miles). It did snow on us the last mile and I was soaked when I finished, but had a great day.

5/8/2010- I finally got my revenge on Lake Mountain. I took my dog Shyla with me and we ran as much of the trail as we could. It is rather steep in sections, so I couldn't run all the way up, but I did manage to run the entire way down. It was a fun morning with over 3K elevation gain and 8.48 miles in 2:05. My knee did get a little sore though.