Wednesday, August 18, 2010

At the end of June I went with my family to San Diego for the week. We had an amazing time together and saw some incredible things. We went to the San Diego Zoo twice, Sea World and the Wild Animal Park. The kids had a lot of FUN and they were really good for the most part. We also went to the beach twice (Mission Beach) and everyone really enjoyed it. We made sand castles, the kids spent hours gathering shells and chasing sand crabs, and I had each of the kids out on the boogie board for a lesson. While I was out there riding some waves I had a huge smile on my face, thinking about all of the cool experiences that I have been able to have this month. I was thinking that just a few weeks prior I had been climbing up the steep Grunge Couloir, a place that very few people ever get to see, then a few weeks after that I was seeing all of Bryce canyon on foot, and then there I was riding waves in the Pacific Ocean just a few weeks later. What a life! I love it.

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