Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Running Timpanogos

I had an awesome morning running Timp with Jun. I love this run. It has to be one of the best trail runs along the Wasatch Front, and I really wanted to get a peak in with some elevation, so I was glad Jun also wanted to do it again. We had to get an early start so that I could get home to get my kids to school, so we met at 2:30 AM at Kohlers in Apline.
We were on the trail before 3:00 and our splits were almost identical to the last time we did it, even though I felt like I was pushing harder. Maybe it was because my calves were a touch sore. They didn't feel sore before the run, but I really felt them on the steep trail going up.
The weather was nearly perfect and I wasn't sweating much at all and it was just an enjoyable pace up to the saddle. The only negative was I felt like I was going to throw up for the first 90 minutes. I ate more breakfast than I usually do, and the boiled egg really wanted to come back up, but I faught the puking urge and luckily after I took a Hammer gel I felt better.
We got blasted by wind at the saddle and it was much colder up there, so I put on my extra shirt and gloves and Jun took off fast. It took me about 25 minutes to reach the summit and it was in the exact time as our last trip (2:20). We hung out a bit on top, taking some pics and checking out the views, but we got cold, so we decided to get down quick. Once again Jun was fast to the saddle and I tried to make good time, but I took it easier on all of the steeper sections.
From the saddle down to the cirque was kind of slower, but once we got down there I took a gel (Hammer espresso, not my fav but I wanted the caffeine) and I took off one of my shirts and then we ran down the rest of the way. I was much faster this time and took 15 minutes off of my descent.
Once the sun came up the views were just incredible with all of the Fall colors out and we got back to the car in just over 4 hours total time. It was an incredible morning and worth the lack of sleep.

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