Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 goals

Wow, I haven’t posted anything on this blog since October. I have been getting in some fun training runs, and hitting as many peaks as I can. I just found out that I got into the Wasatch 100, so I really need to amp up my training. I will be doing at least one 30 mile run per month, and climbing 1-2 peaks per week. Right now I have mostly been climbing Lake Mountain, Grandeur Peak and Mount Wire. Not the kind of peaks that are going to make a mountaineer salivate, but they have been perfect for my training because I can get up and down in a few hours and still make it into work on time. I have been able to get in some good elevation gains and miles during the winter, which I think will pay off later in the year. So far for the year I have climbed 12 peaks in 7 weeks.

Last year I had a goal to climb 52 peaks (one for each week), and I finished the year with 58. I was really happy about that and other than the 50 mile run it was the accomplishment I was most proud of in 2010. I calculated the elevation gain and it was well over 150,000 feet of total elevation, and with all of the runs I did I would guess I had over 200K in elevation gain for the year. I also figured I probably gave up about 7 days of sleep, as most of the peaks required me to get up early. It was definitely worth it though. I think I had my best fitness year ever by far. I ended up running over a marathon distance 7 times, and completed 3 ultra marathon distances and I have even bigger plans for 2011.

My goals for 2011 are to first and foremost complete the Wasatch 100. Everything else that I do will be to get ready for that race. Here is a list of my goals:

-Finish the Wasatch 100
-Complete one road marathon
-Complete a half marathon in 1:35
-climb 65 peaks
-Run Gannett Peak in a day
-Do a Kings Peak double
-Do a Timpanogos double
-Grand Canyon R2R2R

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