Monday, November 12, 2012

October Training

I have really dialed back my training after Wasatch 100 to help my body recover and to give myself a break. I was doing 40-50 mountain mile weeks with about 10K vert before the race and since then I’ve been right about 25 per week. I am actually feeling really good right now, but I still have some nagging soreness in my left hamstring that has been bothering me since February. It only flares up when I am running fast on steep downhill slopes and it seems to be getting a little better, but I still feel it when I go fast.

Our fall weather has been pretty mellow and dry and I took full advantage getting out with our running crew. We were able to get in a lot of excellent trail miles over the last 6 weeks until the first major storm of the year hit over the weekend. Craig recently purchased a Sony action cam and we have been messing around with it over the last few weeks. He put together 3 videos from Mt. Wire, View Benchmark and Grandeur peak. These are the peaks that I climb the most because they are close to home/work and I can get up and down quickly.

Speaking of peaks last week I hit a milestone that I was pretty psyched about. I hit 100 peaks for the year in 2012. My original goal was 75 for the year, but I shattered that, so my stretch goal was 100 and it looks like I should be able to get to 110 without much of a problem. That also gives me 232 peaks in the last 3 years. I have seen some of the most incredible views, sunrises, sunsets, just about every wild animal you can think of and created some incredible memories with good friends. I can’t even describe how awesome it has been.

In case anyone is interested here are the 3 videos that Craig made:

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